Financial Support

Financial Support

For information on financial support available for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, including eligibility criteria, please refer to the Centrelink website or call 13 2717.

Financial support through Centrelink may include:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Health Care Card
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Carer Payment
  • Mobility Allowance

Carer Payment

Carer Payment is an income support payment for people who, because of the demands of caring for a relative or friend, are unable to support themselves through substantial workforce participation. Carer Payment has an income and asset test and is paid at the same rate as other Centrelink pensions. You cannot receive Carer Payment and another income support payment, such as Age Pension, at the same time.

Carer Allowance

Carer Allowance is a supplementary payment available to people who provide daily care and attention in a private home to a person who has a disability, severe medical condition or is frail aged. Carer Allowance is not subject to an income and asset test and is not taxable.

Medicare Safety Net & Medical Expenses Tax Rebate

Read about the Medicare Safety Net and how it can help to provide support for ongoing medical expenses by clicking here.

Taxpayers may also be able to claim a 20% rebate on medical expenses over the first $1,500. For more information visit the ATO website.

Special Disability Trust

The Special Disability Trust is to assist immediate family members and carers who have the financial means to do so, to make private financial provision for the current and future care and accommodation needs of a family member with severe disability and receive means test concessions.

For more information go to the Department of Social Services website.