School Years

Early Years

Early intervention is the term used to describe program options for the child under six years of age. In Victoria there are many different early intervention options including centre based programs for children with a range of developmental delays and mainstream and specialist preschool programs centre based programs specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Services include:

  • Home based programs based on a particular therapy approach
  • Specific therapies provided in a clinic
  • Agencies that arrange for early intervention workers to visit your home on a regular basis
  • Programs that are researched and coordinated by parents

For more information on early intervention click here to go to the Early Intervention page on this website.

School Years

Preparing for school is a complex process when you have a child affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It commonly involves:

  • Choosing the type of school that will be best for your child
  • Choosing a specific school
  • Enrolling your child and applying for funding
  • Teaching the school community about your child
  • Preparing your child for school

For more information visit Autism Victoria (Amaze) website.

Mainstream Schooling

Visiting Teacher  – Supporting school aged students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Many children with ASD, particularly Asperger Syndrome (AS), attend a mainstream school.  Support for teachers and teacher aides who work with children with AS is now available to all State Schools in the Grampians region through Highlands Student Services based at the Regional Office in Ballarat

To access this service schools need to contact Student Services Intake on (03) 5331 8397 to make a referral for autism support.

Department of Education & Training Victoria – click here for Information on autism in schools


Ballarat Specialist School

Ballarat Specialist School currently has an enrolment of over 200 students aged 5-18 years. Students attending the Ballarat Specialist School have a range of primary diagnoses, including intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and Autism. Ballarat Specialist School provides an educational and therapy program that strives to meet the needs, interests, skills and learning styles of children with Autism.
Ballarat Specialist School offers programs in:
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Art and music
  • Physical education
  • SOSE including community access, travel training and leisure and a camps program
  • Health-incorporating therapy, including hydrotherapy programs
  • Science
  • Life skills including personal care, cooking, social skills

Ballarat Specialist School provides consultation and advice to many teachers, assistants, and families to support children with ASD who attend mainstream schools.

Ballarat Specialist School therapists also provide therapy assessment and therapy services to children attending regional schools (as a fee for service).

For more information on the services provided by the Ballarat Specialist School click here.

 Transition to Secondary School Handbook

The  Transition Handbook assists children with ASD to transition from primary to secondary school.  It contains useful information and work sheets that are designed to answer questions about secondary school and to help prepare the student for all the changes.