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As part of the Helping Children with Autism package, the Positive Partnerships: supporting school aged students on the autism spectrum program has been introduced to improve the educational outcomes for school aged children with autism.

Education programs and information sessions have been developed for teachers and parents/carers. If you are a teacher/staff member or a parent/carer of school aged students with autism, this national program will provide you with a professional developmentoppoturnity to help build knowledge, skills and expertise in working with these students.

For more more information on this great training program go to the Autism Training website. This site includes on-line autism information and a self paced learning program.

Movement & Learning Connection– specialising in helping people struggling with learning

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Helping Children with Autism Fact Sheet

The Australian Government has issued an Helping Children with Autism Fact Sheet to provide parent and carers with information relating to available services.  To access download Parents & Carers: General Enquiries.

Amaze Classroom – an Online Resource for Teaching Staff

The Amaze Classroom was funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) under the More Support for Students with Disabilities National Partnership.

“The Amaze Classroom was created to provide information and practical suggestions for classroom teachers who are educating students with ASD,” says Kate Day, Project Manager. “It is for teachers in primary, secondary and specialist settings with the goal of supporting educators to further develop their knowledge of ASD and provide them with strategies and suggestions for supporting these students at school.”

The Amaze Classroom includes a short introduction to ASD from Professor Tony Attwood and then three main areas of information:

  • About Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Teaching and Learning,
  • Social Skills and Behaviour.

Amaze recommends that all teachers – not just those who currently have a known student with ASD – have a good look through the resource: ASD is a complex condition, and after looking at the Amaze Classroom, teachers will be better equipped to recognise characteristics of ASD in their students. The content will help them to be the best teacher they can be, and to bring out the best in these students.

Please feel free to share this information with friends, family and school teaching staff.

Visit Amaze Classroom

Sibling Support – Helpful Hints for Parents

It can often be challenging to balance the needs of siblings and that of your child with a disability.  Please have a download the Sibling Needs fact sheet full of helpful hints.

Suggested Reading

There are many texts available on Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Listed below is some suggested reading:

  • Attwood, Tony (1993) Why does Chris do that? : Some suggestions regarding the cause and management of the unusual behaviour of children and adults with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. London : National Autistic Society
  • Baron-Cohen, Simon and Bolton, Patrick (1993) Autism : The facts. Oxford : Oxford University Press
  • Berzel, Anne (1995) The student with Autism / Asperger Syndrome in the School Community. Adelaide : DECS
  • Brill, Marlene Targ (1994) Keys to parenting your child with Autism. New York : Barron’s
  • Frith, Uta (ed) (1991) Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
  • Frith, Uta (1989) Autism : Explaining the Enigma. Oxford : Blackwell
  • Grandin, Temple (1986) Emergence : Labelled Autistic. Novato, CA : Arena Press
  • Happe, Francesca (1994) Autism : An Introduction to Psychological Theory. London : UCL Press
  • Powers, Michael (1989) Children with Autism: A Parents Guide. Rockville, MD : Woodbine House